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      ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS18001 AUTHENTICATED ENTERPRISE 中文


                   O-cresol          Back

      Product Name: O-cresol                                                               Formula: C7H8O

      Molecular weight: 108.14                                                              CAS: 95-48-7
      UN No. 2076 (liquid), 3455 (solid)                                                 HS Code: 2907121200

      Appearance: colorless to yellowish liquid or crystal                         Packing: 200KG Galvanized Steel Drum

      Packing Group: II

        Technical index  
      Items   Standards
      Assay≥%   99.5
      p-cresol≤%   0.2
      phenol≤%   0.2
      xylenol≤%   0.1
      moisture≤%   0.2
      appearance   colorless to yellowish liquid or crystal


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