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      ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS18001 AUTHENTICATED ENTERPRISE 中文


          Product News

         We have developed the p-toluenesulfonic acid of electronic garde (EC grade) which is now on formal production. The assay of the product above is over 99.9% while the free acid is below 0.05%. The main metal ions(Fe2+、Na+、K+、Ca2+)is below 1ppm. It is widely used in synthesis of foaming agents and  metal p-toluenesulfonate for electronics.

         Environmental protection

         We will invest additional environmental protection fund of RMB 4,720,900 to improve the provention of three-waste. After the upgrade of the environmental protection facilities, the cost of energy and the emission of three-waste will be both decreased obviously, which will lead us a sustainable development.

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