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      ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS18001 AUTHENTICATED ENTERPRISE 中文


          Lianyungang Ningkang Chemical Co., Ltd is located in Lingang Industrial Park, Guanyun County, Lianyungang, P. R. China. It is close to Longhai Railway, Ninglian expressway, Shenhai expressway, Lianyungang airport and Lianyungang harbour. We are the manufacturer of p-toluenesulfonic acid(18000MT/a), m,p-cresol(3000MT/a), o-cresol (3000MT/a), 2,4-xylenol(1000MT/a), m,p-cresol(3000MT/a), Butylated hydroxytoluene (antioxidant T501) (10000MT/a), glycidyl methacrylate(2000MT/a) and sodium methacrylate(4000MT/a), sodium p-toluenesulfonate(3000MT/a).   

           2015 KOREA PHARM, 4A105, SEE YOU IN KOREA!  


      Main products  [More]      

      P-toluenesulfonic acid O-cresol
      Butylated hydroxytoluene

      ( BHT )

      Results of SGS inspection

      Glycidyl methacrylate Sodium methacrylate

      Tel:0086-518-88109380 Fax:0086-518-88586088 Mobile:0086-13913128022(English) Email: sales@chemnk.com Website: http://www.jaytebharat.com

      All Rights Reserved by Lianyungang Ningkang Chemical Co., Ltd